Advances of Automotive Repair with Science and Technology

Automotive Repair

This world of ours has enormous methods of expressing its expansion concerning science and technology. Inventions are sprouting from any region of the world and discoveries of today could baffle the minds of lots of men and women. Top 10 inventions of this year 2010 are:

  • Huge Panoramic High-Res Screen – a German invention that offers high-quality sound and thorough picture.
  • Soundproof Panels Made of Latex Membranes – an invention to sound evidence of your home or building.
  • Software which Captures Sports Games Robotically – an invention that movies sport games automatically
  • Technology that Harnesses Electricity From Fluorescent Light – turns fluorescent lighting to power
  • Little, Handy Ultrasound Scanner – an invention which allows medical professionals to diagnose patients more quickly in an emergency
  • Nano-Generators Employed in Clothes into Power Gadgets – energy scavenging technology that can harness energy from clothing.
  • See-through Protective Spray-on Liquid Glass – an invention that makes your clothes or tiles scratch and stain resistant
  • Method that Conveys Sound Waves Via Teeth – creation used to deal with single-sided deafness
  • Water-based Substance – Replacement for Plastics
  • Table that Makes Music Lessons More Enjoyable – an invention to produce children learn music a lot easier.

But as I could see, they have not much invented a gadget to produce automotive repairs simpler for me. I’m still in my hard times when my car needs repairs. With no sentimental value of the car to me, I’d have sold it already. But just for old time’s sake, I will only keep it one more year. This only made me realize how a significant automotive repair is. You can not just go ahead on getting a new car that you’re your old one needs repairs. We all must consider the financial aspect of our choices. Which option will cost me lower money? Is it having my previous car repaired or is it by purchasing a new car instead?

Occasionally our impatience can find the best of us and before we knew it, we just bought ourselves a new car for this. However, before you reach that position, let’s first consider the worth of automotive repairs could have on our choices. Although not contained in the top 2010 creations, no mention of any innovation that relates to it, but technology now have reached a high enough potential which may surely turn your doubts of getting your car work like new after repairs. The professions of our mechanical and automotive engineers also have advanced hand in hand with the newest trends and technology of the world today. It follows that small problems on your vehicle’s carburetor, your car’s battery, your cars rests, and the functions ought to not be a problem at the hands of our mechanics.

Another way I see automotive repair is it is a superb chance to show how you value your vehicle. I’m definitely one of the few that gets my car repaired because of its sentimental value to me but I am also among those that really benefits from it not only financially since I get to keep my sentimentally valued possession ready to go.