Bright Strategies For a Greener Technology Environment


How green is the technology? Do you use recycled paper? Can you dispose of your old computer equipment in a green and earth-friendly way? These are merely two of the things which you can do to be more environmentally conscious.

Some of the most common things one can tackle to be more environmentally conscious and become a greener business are (1) Use recycled printer paper, (2) Refill or recycle printer cartridges and (3) Better computer use.

Among the simplest ways to green your business environment is to use recycled printer paper. Not all recycled printer paper is great, so when purchasing such printer paper, be certain to buy paper that doesn’t use a chlorine procedure during the making of this paper, because these chemicals are also bad for the environment. Using recycled printer paper will go a long way in conserving trees and the environment.

Another easy means of greening your environment is by recycling or refilling printer cartridges. From the early 1990s, it was common practice to discard printer cartridges without thinking too much about its impact on the environment. But with the development from the printer cartridge business, it has become easy to refill your printer cartridges. It’s also more cost-effective. An individual must just ensure to follow directions carefully, in order to not damage the cartridge, which might also damage your printer. When recycling printer cartridges, take it to the local computer shop. They generally have proper recycling procedures in place.

Being a little more aware in how you utilize a computer, can have a massive effect on the environment, particularly in the use of electricity. Some of the ways to conserve electricity are:

When your computer isn’t being used, which it off in the wall plug, as it consumes ghost electricity if switched on in the wall plug, i.e. the display and other tiny lights on the computer.

Allow the power saving settings on your computer and configure these properly for the periods once your computer isn’t in use.

If at all possible, use a notebook or laptop, as they may use around 50% less power than a desktop computer.

Use blank screen savers (black), as this would not emit any light, whereas any animated screensavers consume unnecessary power

Using recycled printer paper, refilling or recycling printer cartridges and being more aware in using your computer might appear to have little effect if someone does it, but with the increasing number of technology users, if most of us start adopting these plans, it’s going to have a massive impact on the environment.