Explaining What Business Technology Coach Is


There are infinite numbers of computer consultants on the market. You’ve got the geeks, the gurus, the evangelists, the computer guys, techs, nerds, network consultants, computer consultants, and technologists, just to mention a few. In the end of it all, whatever they call themselves, each provides a different level of technical and service know-how. New computers, new servers, new monitors, new printers, but every time you spend money, you’re cutting into profitability. The key is that you identify the perfect person for your requirements. If you operate a business, what you actually need is a business technology trainer that will assist you to make the appropriate decisions about your technology.

A computer consultant is usually interested only in fixing your computers. He’s not versed in any business functions and is therefore incapable of helping you with many additional services which will maximize your information technology investments. The computer guy is great once the printer breaks or if the computer goes awry, but a business technology trainer can provide you more value. Huge companies hire a Chief Information Officer to fulfill this function, but a little to midsize business may not require that amount of full-time support. In these situations, a business technology trainer will serve you well.

Business Technology is any technology which serves the needs of business, such as accounting, networking, and other office systems. Therefore, while an office productivity applications package (e.g. Microsoft Office) is known as business technology, the Microsoft Xbox isn’t. The realization that there’s an increasing split between recreational gadgets and technology that may directly affect the business world has resulted in a new means of analyzing the direct value of technology. Business technology has to add value to your organization or else it’s only a waste of cash. There are several items to choose from, all with competing philosophies and learning curves. More often than not, you just accept what came with the computer when you purchased it and you make due. Or, worse still, you fall prey to this amazing salesperson that promises the reply to all of your prayers and delivers another costly nightmare. So, the following fact you will need to accept is the fact that not all business technology is valuable to your business!

The trick to modern business success is to make certain to align your business goals with your technology plans. Business and technology orientation has become a Holy Grail for large multinational corporations. Because these industrial creatures are so big, anything they can do to make themselves more flexible, more responsive to their clients, is mandatory. Luckily, most small and midsize businesses are fast and nimble to respond. Odds are your top customers understand how to get in contact with you at any given time of the day. But just because you don’t suffer from the difficulties of those enormous dinosaur businesses doesn’t mean that you can’t gain from business/technology alignment. A business technology trainer will help you in aligning your business goals with your technology investments.

The second benefit you can derive from a business technology trainer is an understanding of your business procedures. No two businesses operate just alike. It is likely that your business practices have grown organically as your business overcomes new challenges. However, organic growth has a propensity to develop significant inefficiencies that could impact profits. I’ve seen instances where firms print and mail out zero dollar bills ($0.00) simply because the machine was badly automated. This is inefficient and costly, and can easily be remedied. A business technology trainer will examine how you work to pinpoint and correct these inefficiencies.

A business technology trainer will then use his knowledge and comprehension of your computer systems and business processes to help you in creating a competitive edge. According to some 2007 IBM study, a business technology trainer should be”. . .engaged as a strategic partner for process and culture change.” It follows that the lonely computer geek typing away for hours with no human contact isn’t the perfect choice if you would like to succeed. A business technology trainer will be effective at working with others and must have advanced communication and social skills to serve as an agent of positive change. The computer geek that’s incapable of communicating ideas or is lacking in social skills isn’t what you require.

Additionally, a business technology trainer knows that his job is to make recommendations. Bear in mind, you’re the ultimate decision maker, so your trainer should present you with choices, rather than ultimatums. In some rare instances, there’s only one course of action, but in my experience, I’ve rarely encountered them. A business technology trainer will give you numerous choices to achieve your targets. But if so instructed, your business technology trainer will make decisions on your behalf based on solid experience and understanding of your aims.

Technology is a simple fact of life. From mobile phones to computers, technology has become a part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s to improve efficiency or to create new solutions, companies all around the world are harnessing technology to enhance how they do business. Do not trust your technology to somebody that does not understand business and the way you work. A business technology coach can make a difference in your success.